About the Show

Invisible Choir is a true crime podcast created and hosted by Michael Ojibway.  Each episode explores the intimate details surrounding a crime, and the subsequent individual and community fallout as people struggle to make sense of loved ones tragically lost.  Every other week Invisible Choir deconstructs the unanswered questions left lingering in the wake of some truly horrific and often under-reported crimes.  We bring you the stories as they have never been told through a balance of investigative storytelling, primary source audio, and victim testimonials from those directly impacted by the crimes. 

These are the stories of the missing and the dead.  Their voices reaching out from beyond the grave in unison, seeking peace... and yearning for justice.  Together they are the...

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Michael Ojibway

Michael is an experienced discrimination, harassment, and sexual assault investigator specializing in victim-centered trauma methods.  He currently works in the security & investigations industry as a Marketing Strategist, and previously served as a Writer/Producer for a former award-winning Wondery Original® true-crime podcast. 

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Lead Writer & Producer

Currently Vacant

Are you an established narrative/non-fiction true-crime writer with a love for respectful, well-researched storytelling? Send an email along with a writing sample to info@invisiblechoir.com - we are currently searching for our Leader Writer & Producer!

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Writer & Producer

Stephanie Moore

Stephanie is a legal writer by trade, and has combined her love for true-crime storytelling and case research to create in-depth, narrative-driven investigative series.  She enjoys the California coastal sunshine, and spending time with her family and dogs. 

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Lead Researcher

John Hawkins

John currently serves as Invisible Choir's Lead Researcher, and is apprenticing to become a Writer/Producer.  He enjoys online gaming and aspires to transition to a writing career full-time.  John scours the darkest catacombs of the web, court case files, and public document requests to bring us the most fascinating and compelling stories that need to be told.