“In my opinion, one of the best new podcasts to debut in 2019.”

Invisible Choir is an independent true-crime podcast that critically and respectfully examines murder cases through investigative storytelling, immersive primary source audio, and expert interviews. By prioritizing high-quality production, exhaustive narrative writing, and in-depth research - Invisible Choir promises to influence the true-crime podcasting scene in 2019.

— W.H.

“Amazing new true-crime podcast!”

Invisible Choir introduces a new case each week, and promises a distinct, binge-worthy analysis of some of the most heinous murders. In a genre ripe with comedy and sarcasm, Invisible Choir blazes a trail of integrity, victim respect, and consideration of the individual and community fallout from some of the most depraved and gruesome murders.

— N.Q.

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Invisible Choir is independently recorded, produced, and engineered by Reach Freaks, LLC. If you are an independent podcast creator, and want to initiate a 30, 60, or 90 second promotional exchange - email us at info@invisiblechoir.com and select one of the .MP3 promotional spots from the approved download list below when promoting the show. Thank you for your support!

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