“With a sympathetic voice and a focused, single-narrator style that will appeal to listeners of Casefile and True Crime Enthusiast, Ojibway guides the listener through an array of cases, like the baffling death of 17-year-old Kendrick Johnson, who allegedly died in a freak accident in his high school gym.”

-11 Essential True Crime Podcasts for Fall 2019


“Native media producers are making their mark in the growing podcast movement, taking Native perspectives directly to the public.”

- Celebrating Indigenous Podcasts

“In recent weeks, there have been two different podcasts released, "The Vanished," and "Invisible Choir," featuring Britton's story. The podcasts highlighted the community's efforts to locate Britton or get more information about her case over the last eight months.”

- Reward Raised to $85,000 in Britton Case


“In my opinion, ONE OF THE BEST new podcasts to debut in 2019.”

BEST NEW PODCAST! Michael does a great job in telling his stories… Keep up the great work!”

PHENOMENAL! Finally… fascinating true crime content with out all of the fluffy dialogue and annoying banter so often found in the genre...”

“BIG WINNER! Out of the gate as a winner. Such a professional sound for an indie pod. Just moved this to my top 5. Great voice, great content and a great story teller.

AMAZING new true-crime podcast!”

“Exceptional new podcast. REALLY well done. GREAT narration, well researched, handled in a classy manner.

FRESH AND WELL RESEARCHED. It’s presented in such a great informative, empathetic way, with little to no filler that could turn you away from the story being told unlike other podcasts.”

“Solid work. I heard your promo on real life real crime. I enjoy listening. Your research is great, you credit your sources, and show the victims dignity.

Invisible Choir is an independent true-crime podcast that critically and respectfully examines murder cases through investigative storytelling, immersive primary source audio, and expert interviews. By prioritizing high-quality production, exhaustive narrative writing, and in-depth research - Invisible Choir promises to influence the true-crime podcasting scene in 2019.

Invisible Choir introduces a new case every other week, and promises a distinct, binge-worthy analysis of some of the most heinous murders. In a genre ripe with comedy and sarcasm, Invisible Choir blazes a trail of integrity, victim respect, and consideration of the individual and community fallout from some of the most depraved and gruesome crimes.

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